The Plog


A creative co-op between Erik H, in Miss Behaviour & Paizano We hang out sometimes. I might even say we’re on some level soulmates. Two creative minds from different playgrounds. A perfect combo when it comes to creating something grand. A night with german beer and Yngwie Malmsteen loud…

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‘Stand Up’ Collection talks about standing up. Not accepting others to put you or anyone else down. No one should never make you feel less. Nor should You think that you stand above others. Respect one another.
– That failed tattoo just had to live on.

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Why are you here? On this planet! In this life? And what are You going to do about it? I found my purpose today! My Why. Now I have a true meaning in …

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Jun 8, 2019

3:30-something I wake up all sweaty and can’t sleep. Back in the days waking up at this hour meant ”I just had to create”! Nowadays it means I feel a stress and can’t relax. My body wants me to do something. My mind don’t. I switch places and go…

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May 30, 2019
Time to speak out!

I’m sick and tired of hiding out and being silent. I’ve been in the shadows for so long that I’m sick and tired of my own shadow. I am drawn to the melancholy of the dark. Must be my Finish blood talking. But my passionate italian side says –…

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Greta Thunberg made the cover of Time Magazine. It’s a strong photography taken by the Dutch photographer Hellen van Meene. I love that she took the train to Sweden just to take this shot. And the photo grew even more when I got to know that she bought the…

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May 15, 2019
Creating Hope

I sucked at math at school. But I aced Art Class. In short I see in pictures. Once I took an IQ test and it became pretty obvious that my brain see shapes and patterns rather than the “logic” of numbers … The other night I watched Game of…

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