May 23, 2019

Time’s Up – Greta Thunberg

Time Magazine Greta Thunberg cover

Greta Thunberg made the cover of Time Magazine. It’s a strong photography taken by the Dutch photographer Hellen van Meene.
I love that she took the train to Sweden just to take this shot. And the photo grew even more when I got to know that she bought the dress at a second hand shop.

The posture and her appearance is royalistic. She looks like a young queen. Not a princess – A queen. That has just go appointed a position she never asked for. But she still got that determind look. In a relaxed way. We can feel what she wants. We know what she wants …

What if we turned the picture around?

It’s a long dark road to travel. Filled with naysayers, bureaucracy and people who only see the pile of money above the pile of crap the produce – at the cost of the nature. But the “road” has it light moments. We are more and more joining up behind our informal leader.

I’m certain she/we will reach the goal in the end. A climate changed world. Where we all have joined forces for a cleaner more climate balanced planet. 

Keep up the spirit Greta Thunberg. We’re backing you up. And will walk along with you in that dark tunnel towards our common goal.

What are Your thoughts about the piece?
What do You see?

A final reminder. You’ve heard it before and will hear it again. It’s not until it becomes a way of life we will stop nagging about our responsibility towards our planet. Do you really need more stuff, things, toys, plastic cups? Do you really need to buy from chinese mega producers of crap that have a life span of a week or two?

Buy second hand, give away your childs grown out clothes to someone who needs them.
You’ll be amazed how cool stuff you can create with your old things, cloths and furniture. Just Google och check out Pinterest.
Support your local dealers. It may cost a bit more – but if you by with your heart you’ll love that thing forever.

When I buy things I always try to think – Can I die with this thing? If the answers yes I have no regret. If the answers no … what can I do with it after I’m done with it? Who would enjoy it after me?

You get the picture. The picture’s not a pretty one at the moment. We need to work on in it to create that beautiful master piece.

There is No Planet B.
: P

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written by Paizano