May 15, 2019

HOPE “Game of Thrones” poster

Arya Starck Game of Thrones Hope

I sucked at math at school. But I aced Art Class. In short I see in pictures. Once I took an IQ test and it became pretty obvious that my brain see shapes and patterns rather than the “logic” of numbers …

The other night I watched Game of Thrones – S08E05 – at the end after Daenerys went bananas and everything became silent … there it was! That perfect framing (picture composition) of Arya Stark (played by Maisie Williams) standing alone, strong and looking towards the future.

It hit my like a bomb! – I pulled out my camera like a fully loaded gun and emptied the mag … well that’s what it felt like. I actually paused and rewinded and took three photos and carried on … *So much for that cinematic feel*

But the actual kick for me was to make something out of a snap shot from a TV screen. An actual artwork.

So how did I do it?

All it took were these elements …

… and some handcraft in Photoshop and Illustrator – to become this; *so far*

Game of Thrones poster
~ In a World of Chaos – We Need a Little HOPE ~

My thoughts

At first my impulse was just to make a cool composition – she has that Last Samurai feel standing there all on her own with a tired glance towards the future. But that was like taking the easy road and I just can’t help thinking a step or two extra. So I made it a bit more up to date …

It’s a climate reminder.

So I found a monumental iceberg from Antarctica that I placed to the left. The rocks could then be associated with melted shattered pieces of ice.
All of a sudden she turned more in to a Greta Thunberg-character – A saviour of Today. That idea I liked.

The typography. I found the GoT typeface online that I traced and built the Word HOPE. I re-drew the O and turned the lines in to The Equator. The hot spot of our planet.

What are Your thoughts about the piece? Or what do You see?

I still can’t help to see that cool samurai! Which I love. And it gives the whole piece another exiciting dimension.

Sayonara goodbye Yara.
: P

— Let’s Make The World Greta again!

Oh yeah, so if you like the piece – all you have to do is download all the pieces above and put it together … or you can be cool and wait ’til it pops up in the PrintShop as a print or poster.
We’ll see if she has something more to tell me first.

[Todays creative soundtrack: Bishop Briggs – River]

written by Paizano