May 30, 2019

Time to speak out!

speak out illustration artwork

I’m sick and tired of hiding out and being silent. I’ve been in the shadows for so long that I’m sick and tired of my own shadow. I am drawn to the melancholy of the dark. Must be my Finish blood talking. But my passionate italian side says – Vaffanculo get your ass out there do something. Say something damn it! And my Swedish me stands there neutral trying to keep the two sides at peace …

I am talking about all the shit that’s going on in our world … I don’t even know where to begin. We got the climate that’s screwed up because of us humans, the mass production age we live in, the healthcare system that’s not for our gain, todays kids are staring them selves stupied in front of digital unites, the animals that are dying out, the right wing extremists that are spreading like a plague, we’re working our selves to death to live up to some sort of standard that we built up as a must have way of life-style. And so on, and so on … You catch my drift.

We all need to fucking contribute to make this place a place we want to live in. Because now, it’s like Dennis Leary said;

– Light ’em up, cuz we’re going down!

It’s time to speak out
It makes me hopeful that there are young superheros like Greta Thunberg. We need young role models – Because we old farts lack the energy and not nearly as enthusiastic like the youngsters. But we can’t stand there by the side of the road and tap her on the head. We need to pull our strings to make things happen to. We got the experience and the connections to do something too. Get to it oldies and young goodies!

I’m working on my plan. You better too.

: P

[Todays soundtrack: Searching for Sugarman – Rodrigez ]

written by Paizano