Oct 7, 2019

Stand Up Collection
for Vida™

‘Stand Up’ Collection for Vida™

Some artworks I’ve made got that little extra something so it just has to live out its potential on other medias, like products.

Vida asked me to do a collection

A couple of months ago a got a request from Vida, they asked me to join their gang of creators and design a collection. I looked them up and really liked their quality and variations of styles. And especially that they contribute to educational purposes in third world countries!

But before I decided I took a look att some of my older pieces and immediately saw that the “Stand Up” artwork would be perfect for a collection!

~ The original ‘STAND UP’ artwork ~
Stand Up print by Paizano for Vida

“They Told Me To Sit Down. And I Stood Up”

The message is plain and simple with a punsch – Don’t ever let anyone bully you around or make you do anything you don’t want to. In short;

– Stand up for thy fellow man, woman and yourself!

The design

I love graphic patterns. In this case the retro 60s vibe it turned out when I started repeating the pattern. When placing the design on different product I noticed that it became very versatile and exciting!

Below you can see pretty much the whole collection.

Which one’s your favorite?
Collection out now!

So are you looking to style it up this fall check out the Stand Up Collection at Vida™ › GO TO SHOP!
Personally I’m thinking of surprising someone special with a Statement Bag.

Rock life more. Period.
: P

Todays soundtrack: Stand by Me – Ben E. King

written by Paizano