Oct 18, 2019

Peter Mäkelä is dead

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Peter Mäkelä is dead

For some people the time has just passed by. He had a broad range of talents. He worked with everything from dj-ing, radio host/reporter, did some TV (even got headhunted to the TV show Äntligen Hemma), designed wallpaper, lamps and even some furniture. But he were mainly active as a Creative/Art Director in advertising and the branding business …

PM sucked at art

… Well, not sucked, but I can’t say that his strength was in arts. Sorry, mate but we should all stick to what we do best. Yes, you did some pretty okay pieces. But how many times can you recycle those!? Time to move on is a good choice.
At least you got something else to do – like got my back! 😉

So I’m kinda looking forward to your final exhibition. I’m guessing you will display the same old stuff, aren’t ya? It’s cool I’ll send over some pieces to fill in the blanks. If you got my back I’ll get yours, buddy.

Peter Mäkelä is dead. Long live Paizano.

By the way I’m sorry I can’t come I got some … other matters to attend to.
But I’m sure you’ll fill me in.

Well come

Either way, you’re all welcome to check out the exhibition on the 31 of october. On Halloween. A quite suitable date to end an art era.

It’ll be a evening full of interesting, thought provoking, humoristic, beautiful, dead serious, colorful and decorative artworks.

The exhibition is at the cosy Kudos Lounge and there bar is open.
We’ll see if a DJ shows up. Either way it will be cool lounge music to chill to. And most imporantly awesome people you’ll love hanging with. <3

There doors are open between 17~22-ish. Well come by!
: P

Later in the evening we’ll be guested by Erik Heikne from Miss Behaviour, he’ll be telling us about our co-op ‘Living Large’.

Todays soundtrack:
Start over – Imagine Dragons

Check out the Printshop for more artworks

written by Paizano