Jul 11, 2019

Less is More
– but –

More is More Yngwie Malmsteen three poster artwork

A creative co-op between Erik H, in Miss Behaviour & Paizano

We hang out sometimes. I might even say we’re on some level soulmates. Two creative minds from different playgrounds. A perfect combo when it comes to creating something grand. A night with german beer and Yngwie Malmsteen loud grinding in the background set the tone for our co-op. We got so in to it that we created more fan artworks than intended!

Less is more. But MORE IS MORE

After been watching some cool and hilarious clips with The Man That Is Larger Than Life we felt that the theme had to be “More is More”; A classic Yngwie Malmsteen quote;

“How can less be more? More IS More. It’s simple logic.”

We couldn’t agree more. More is MORE. Period. So we made it a bit more.
Well two more! *and a couple of more that ended up in the trashcan.

Which one’s your favorite?
Thoughts about the artwork

It’s easy to go nuts over a commission work like this. You just wanna go nuts and … Do more and More!

The associations in the artworks goes from christ like idolizing, electrifying, rock love, Wall of Marshalls, amplifying your life to Lone Star, living on the edge and being your own hero … (find your own symbolism). All designed in a propaganda kinda way.

Erik the Wise words

“It’s hard for me to put down in words, how much Yngwie has influenced me through my career. Not only as a guitar player or a composer. But as a concept. To give you a hint, my son is named after him. Therefore I felt an eager to ask Paizano to help me, with doing what the words was not enough to do. And I’m flattered with the way it turned up. I could talk for hours about this piece of art, but I won’t. It speak for itself.”


That’s what we’re thinging of naming the end piece. That’s what it’s all about – isn’t?
Fuck yeah! Time flies and living less is like Mr More says less is LESS.

So, last mind-er … It’s up to you to create that more. What is Your More? Settling is never more. I think that’s what Yngwie’s really’s trying to say … Less may be a more like in a picture. But it’s still Just a pretty f-ing nice picture. Would you buy it? Own it. Be proud of it. Think not.
If you think otherwise. You found your more!

Rock life more. Period.
: P

Thank you Erik Heikne for letting me to go loose. With you.
It made made me want to do more. You’re a good muse! <3

And one more thing. You turned me in to a Yngwie fan!
I love awesome handcraft, rock and classical music.
Win, win & win – How can I not dig this!

Todays soundtrack: Dream On – Ronnie James Dio & Yngwie Malmsteen

written by Paizano