Are you looking for that extra something?
You’ve come to the right someone!

Clients I take on like things out of the ordinary. Maybe You are one of them?

For me to take on a commission art project I appreciate ‘freedom of creation’. May sound like you don’t have any part of it – which is not the case.
I enjoy the dialogue between us. It makes the finishing result more unexpected – Just the way I like it … the predictable is just … eh.
It’s together I think the magic happens.

― Demetri Martin  

Here below’s a shortlist of Our Process …


The Start
For starters I will like ask you if you have a concrete idea or a hint on what you’re after. And some questions about; The message, The impact, its location, colors, media, budget* and how deep should we dive and so on.

The Creation
It’s the creating part I’m looking for to have as much freedom as possible. To be able to make an Art Piece** it needs ‘creative space’ or it’ll just end up as an montage of info/ideas. If that’s what You want I need to know that in an urly stage.

My Creative Process
“The Leave Me Alone”-phase. No offense. This is where I step in to my own Creative Bubble, with sometimes a Dream Phase, always inspiring music in my headphones and sometimes wine. You know, we all creators have or ways of going about … it’s a lonely but most orgasmic trip. This is where we get our big kick!

Here I might start asking questions. Might even push the idea some, because I might be on to something that I’d think you’d really like …

The Production
This phase is more of a transportation stretch. There will be bumps on the road. There will be sunshine. Either the journey – It’s just something I have to ride through … the reward is grand. One of the best feelings is when you see The Piece finished.

The Reveal
When I’m done it’s time to create that feel of bonding. Uncover it. This is probably Your most exciting stage. So let’s make it a special one. Let’s talk about it.

The News Spread
The final stage is spreading the word. Not everyone wants to but some do feel that pride and joy the Piece brings and wants to share it – How?
A party? A social media post/campaign? Thing BIG or small or not at all … Let’s talk about it afterwards.

The End
Work done. Everybody almost happy. Just the payment left. This is of course not a surprise since at the beginning agreed on a payment model.

So what do You say?
Are you up for this exciting ride – with me? Contact Me
: P

Me working it …

*It’s always good to have a budget – so I know how much we can put in to the artwork. I always begin by calculating how much time (hours) I think it will take from start to end. The rate is 770 SEK/hr.

Paizano at your service