Jul 7, 2019

Get Up. Stand Up.

Stand Up print by Paizano for Vida

Stand Up for thy fellow man, woman & thyself

It all began with a failed tattoo and ended up being so much more. A statement. A message of action and care …

It’s a hard knock life

Seriously, is it really? Honestly we sure do complain a lot for being so well off. You might not have the car, pay check or status think you deserve. But for Who are those things really?

My opinion. All that all those things really are is – A Receipt.
A receipt of how good you’ve been doing. Climbing that ladder of Success.
Good for you. Was it worth it?

I’ve met quite a few really successful people. The one’s on the top they regret that paths they’ve chosen. And what it has cost them. The other half I’ve met are so full of them selves that they forgot their heart somewhere along the way and are not even worth speaking to, ’til they end up at the top. Alone. With a pounding heart trying to catch up with life.

I’m rich

Me and You who live in the west who have a home, food on the table and can go to school. We belong to the richest people in the world. Top 8%!
It’s easy to forget how fortunate we are. We get so blinded by our own goals of Becoming Someone that we forget the essentials in life. We want fame, wealth and status – and thinking that those “superficial things” are the solution to our happiness. The happiest people in the world are not even among the top 8%.

Give to gain

You might have heard it, but never really listened to the powerful words
St. Francis of Assisi;

“For it is in giving that we receive.”

By giving to others You also give to yourself. You feel purpose. True happiness comes from feeling love and purpose. That sure beats a big pile of money.

stand up quote
These were my thoughts

In the creative process of between throwing that tattoo artwork in the trash and actually reading it and feeling it and do something about it – It just had to live on. Where better than at Vida (which means Life).

The ‘Stand Up’ Collection talks about standing up. Not accepting others to put you or anyone else down. No one should never make you feel less. Nor should You think that you stand above others. Respect one another. That’s how we build bridges and unite people and opinions.

I thought of women

Womens rights came to mind also during the process. There’s alot of old farts that can’t handle women standing out, taking stands and leadership positions. All I could think of was – About time. Man has been suppressing women way too long. In my opinion the stronger sex. I’m pretty sure the world would’ve been a better place if women ran the ship – we men have proven over and over again we just run it over the … waterfall. Lack of better words.

‘Stand Up’ is for all you women out there too.

Now I’m thinking of getting this tattoo myself. The words has given me inspiration to do more for others.

Finishing off with a typographic quote;

“Be BOLD or Italic. Never regular.”

: P

If you look closely at the printed artwork Stand Up, bottom left corner, you will notice a symbol and a text that says “recycled artwork”. Why just recycle plastic, I’m thinkin’. Especially if it for something good.

Todays soundtrack: Get Up Stand Up – Bob Marley

written by Paizano