Jun 10, 2019

I Create Awareness
Therefore I am

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Why I am

We all have a purpose in life, but most of us don’t know it. Many think it is to raise a family, others to be famous and some just don’t believe at all.

But those reasons are more Biological, Egoistic and hopeless reasons.
We all have a fire inside. Or did. If you can’t feel it it’s probably faded away. And need to start looking for it again. It’s your motor in life that gives you a higher inner purpose of you existens!

I think quote

Today is the day

The Day! The day I found my purpose as a creator! It’s been in front of my eyes all the time. I’ve used it but never really known how to use it properly. ‘Til today.

I was floating in the jacuzzi thinking about my creative life. All of a sudden it hit me …

I Create therefore I am.
A spin off of “I Think therefore I am.”-quote by the philosopher René Descartes.

It may sound kind of obvious when you are a creator. But when I started thinking about it – the way of saying it was more of a What I DO-statement. So no news there. But I was on to something …

I started thinking about why I don’t want to show my face and why I use my byline/pay off Be Aware. Been doing it for years. The pay off is a flirt about Being Aware told in a warning kind of way (beware). I realized I like telling stories with pictures. And all the pieces I like the most/are the most proud of Says something. So it came to me that my Why is;

Why I am

“I Create Awareness Therefor I Am”

Same same but SO different! This is what I should be focusing on. Something I’ve always been doing for me and for my clients. But often loose focus when it comes to my own creativity and end up doing something that isn’t from the heart. Now I’m back on track!

So in other words. Me as a person is not important. It’s what’s being Said & Done that is! So You as a person – The Receiver Are a VIP!

Now I know what to clean off and what to develop to be true to my cause. My purpose. My Why.

Time to dream about What I can do with my Why …
: P

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written by Paizano