~ Paizano is an alterego. A nemesis of Peter Mäkelä. They have a love and hate relationship. A bond that never can be broken ~

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I, Peter Mäkelä, was born 1973 in Stockholm, Sweden. I live a ordinary life with two kids and wife in the suburbs. I work as a Art Director at a branding agency. I have a great interest in design, art, architecture and interior design. To engage in those interest some more I used to sit as a board member of the Swedish Design & Crafts Society (Svensk Form).

I got a background in advertising. Where I ended up in after been studying graphic design, web design, animation and radio/TV-production.

I dream of traveling the world, writing a book and being on stage as inspirational keynote speaker. Speaking of the last one … Once I were headhunted to the interior design TV show Äntligen Hemma. Got to the finals – but they ended up choosing a woman. But I don’t know if those things are for me.

To spice up my life I work extra as a agent to the artist Paizano. A bit odd and interesting co-op. We’ll see how long I can put up with that (read him). He can be a bit of a pain in the ass. Excuse me for saying P. You are.